Little Britain Presbyterian Church (LBPC) was founded in 1732 by Scotch-Irish Presbyterians.  The first structure was a log building located on Pilottown Road.  The second building was made out of field stones and was built in 1763 located across the street from the current building.  Until 1804 Little Britain was mostly served by supply-pastors.  In the early to mid-1800’s LBPC shared a pastor with Chestnut Level Presbyterian Church.   In 1869 the stone church was torn down and the current brick meetinghouse was built.  The pews we enjoy each Sunday were installed in 1913 (they have since received padding).  In 1930 a double bell tower and upper and lower vestibule were added to the building.  In 1960 the Christian Education wing was completed and dedicated to the Lord.  A new entryway, updated bathrooms, and elevator were added in 2001.  In 2005-6 we benefited from eagle scout projects with the addition of a lighted cross and pavilion.

The congregation voted in 2014 to join the Evangelical Presbyterian Church.

Our history is an encouragement of God’s faithfulness and goodness through the years.  Each day we look forward to the new things God will do through the congregation.  We are pressing on together to the calling of Jesus and seek daily to love and follow Jesus to the glory of God.

List of Pastors of LBPC
Mostly supply pastors from 1732 until 1804
1763-1767 Rev. James Hunt
1781 Rev. Mr. Luckey, Stated Supply
1791-1792 Rev. William Paxton, Stated Supply
1804-1808 Rev. Charles Cummings
This man was called to serve both the Chestnut Level and Little Britain congregations. this seems to be the beginning of the relationship between the two churches where the pastor spent one-third time at Little Britain and two-thirds time at Chestnut Level.
1828 Rev William Annan, Stated Supply
1832-1834 Rev. John Patton
(He served both Chestnut Level and Little Britain.)
1835-1860 Rev. Lindley C. Rutter, Pastor (He served both Little Britain 1/3 time and Chestnut Level 2/3 time)
1860-1866 Rev. Robert Alexander, Pastor
1867-1873 Rev. Solomon McNair, Pastor (old stone church torn down and replaced with present brick structure in 1869.)
1874-1875 Rev. John Boyd, Pastor
1877-1880 Rev. Alonzo Michael, Pastor
1882-1886 Rev. Joseph B. Turner, Pastor
1887-1889 Rev. George Buckle
1890-1901 Rev. James McLean
1901-1905 Rev. Thomas Koontz (major interior renovations to church building in 1904)
1906-1908 Rev. Alvin Sawtelle
1909-1915 Rev. Alexander Thompson (pews installed in1913)
1922-1945 Rev. William Davies (Bell Towers added)
1946-1976 Rev. Roy W. Townsend
1977-1997 Rev. Walter Cook
1998-2001 Rev. Henry W. Heaps, Interim Pastor
2001-2003 Rev. Robert G. Stier
2003-2004 Rev. Richard R. Streeter, Interim Supply Pastor
2005 Rev. Robert H. LaForce, Interim Supply Pastor
2005- present Rev. Thomas P. Milligan

Location 255 Little Britain Church Road Peach Bottom, PA 17563 Phone 717-548-2266 E-mail lbpc1732@gmail.com Hours Prayer - 9:00 am to 9:20 am Sunday School - 9:30 am to 10:15 am Worship Service - 10:30 am to 11:45 am
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